Engineering Support
Today's intense design requirements are more demanding due to Global competition. Business issues must be resolved quickly so that your company can beat the competition to market. In a world where failure is not an option and design teams face complex interactions that must be dealt with swiftly . . . AMS knows that our customers require more than a quick technological fix. We help meet your goals by working hands on! We listen, watch, and understand what it means to develop a specific design, hit the budget required, and meet the scheduled deadline.

AMS offers quick turn prototype assembly and can help with lead-time reduction programs such as bonded inventory, forecast agreement, pre-build, JIT system, and capacity planning. We are trained to work with engineering departments to help specify custom engineered interconnect systems to lower your costs, reduce lead times and improve quality.

We can help with Engineering support on cables and boards as required. If we cannot help you then we have local partners that can. From the idea to full design AMS is here to help.

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