Our Products

Any cable built to custom drawing or sample that is ready for installation in specific applications and usually terminated with connectors.

Any cable that is like a discrete cable only using multi-conductor cable specified by the customer.

Any cable that can be a combination of a discrete and or multi-conductor cable, can also be then custom molded to customer drawing and specifications.

Any cable that has a combination of discrete, multi-conductor, molded, and having multiple assemblies joined at some point to make one assembly. Very similar to a wire harness assemble

Any cable using flat wire with at least one fiat ribbon connector on one end.

We will buy all material required to build your assembly, including: bare PCB, components, sheet metal, nuts & bolts, labels, stickers, etc… We can build 100% and test as required. See Full Turnkey Assembly.

A PCB manufactured from (normally rigid) base material upon which completely processed printed wiring has been formed on more than two layers, each separated by insulating materials, and bonded together. Internal layers are connected to the outer layers by plated via holes.

Any component or material that you have specification sheet, drawing, description, or requirement for we will find.