AMS Turnkey Solutions allow our valued customers to improve time-to-market, obtain the best overall cost, reduce product cycle time, optimize resources, maintain superior manufacturing capabilities, and easy transition to offshore manufacturing when required.

Both national and international OEMs are reaping the numerous benefits of outsourcing their electronic manufacturing to AMS. Benefits include access to discounted materials and reduced cycle time. Our Turnkey model encompasses a broad range of electronic manufacturing services, from design to prototype to production to order fulfillment. We also perform burn-in, box build, mechanical, and final assembly, and packaging.

At AMS, we set high standards for the efficiency, quality, and speed of our performance. Our sophisticated turnkey model, supply chain management solution, worldwide network of resources, and competitive pricing make AMS your best choice for turnkey manufacturing services.

AMS is partnered with the largest provider of manufacturing services in Southern California, so that we can offer our customers the cost savings that come with large materials volume. To facilitate our materials procurement process, we are electronically linked with our key suppliers and their inventories. This automated supply chain eliminates repetitive purchasing tasks and errors, while optimizing receiving and inspection functions. Ultimately, these benefits directly strengthen your bottom line.

AMS partnered material procurement services offers many benefits to our valued customers.

  • Large volume discounts
  • Strong supplier relationships
  • Global network
  • Supplier cross-referencing